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Investment Trends

Leading Enterprise Investment
Follow the opportunities for transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, and assist the leading enterprises to further enlarge and strengthen their market position. Grasp the post-policy benefits and industrial opportunities, and follow key industries such as new energy, environmental protection, and medical healthcare.

Overseas Mergers and Acquisition
Introduce overseas high-end equipment manufacturers to promote the full integration of foreign advanced technology and the Chinese market. ?Seeking for oversea quality standards, enter the international market through mergers and acquisitions, and actively expand overseas market opportunities.

Investment in Emerging Industries
Investment is based on traditional industry transformation opportunities brought about by mobile internet. Focus on investment opportunities in emerging industries such as smart manufacturing and Fintech.

State-owned Enterprise Reform?    

Participate in government projects such as mixed ownership reform and local government infrastructure between central enterprises and local state-owned enterprises. Based on the investment platform of ZUIG and the advantageous industries held by shareholders, the institutional advantages are input to state-owned enterprises through private capital.


Sector Preferences
Investment Focus
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